Rod Sacharnoski, Founder of Juko-Kai International

An experienced law enforcement and military martial arts instructor, Rod Sacharnoski is also deeply involved in the martial arts community as the president and founder of Juko-Kai International. As an extension of his professional endeavors, Rod enjoys exploring martial arts and law enforcement history.

In 1960 while stationed at Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Rod Sacharnoski served as the Chief Instructor for the 3rd Marine Division Headquarters. He also taught judo and jujutsu at other military installations with his members competing in judo tournaments that were held throughout Okinawa.

As an update, Rod still teaches military personnel in the martial arts. He also continues to train Police agencies and currently is commissioned as the Senior Training Officer for a police department in the State of Illinois. Rod is certified as a Master Police Defensive Tactics Instructor. He teaches both defensive tactics and police impact weaponry.