The Okinawan Lineage of Toide Organizations

As head of Juko-Kai International, Rod Sacharnoski leads one of America’s oldest martial arts organizations. Rod Sacharnoski is a 9th degree Grandmaster with his ranking spanning kobudo, Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate, and toide disciplines. Juko-Kai maintains strong affiliation with the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union and Okinawan Toide associations.

The Motobu-ryu Toide of Okinawa represents the original 13-generation lineage of the toide system, which encompasses throws, weapons, dance, and sword techniques. Similar to aikido, the force employed in toide is sufficient to subdue the opponent, not to cause him or her harm. Until his passing at 100 years old, Seikichi Uehara, Soke (Head Founder)/10th dan, led the organization.

Led by Shian Toma, Soke/10th dan, Seidokan Toide of Okinawa is directed by a veteran toide practitioner who learned the art under the direct tutelage of Soke Uehara. To prevent the martial art from falling into disuse, Soke Toma received approval from his mentor to introduce the practice in the West. Rod Sacharnoski, Soke/10th dan, was one of those chosen to spread toide, and he founded the Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Toide.