Qigong – Energy Work Involving Postures and Breathing

Buckstone County Prison

Buckstone County Prison

Soke Rod Sacharnoski is a longtime U.S. martial arts leader who developed the pioneering Juko-ryu Combat-Ki system. Emphasizing methods of internal breathing and mental control, Rod Sacharnoski’s discipline has been featured in publications such as Kung Fu Magazine, Black Belt magazine, and a host of others.

While co-starring with his partner and close friend, the late Ed Parker (Elvis Presley’s Karate Instructor and Bodyguard), Rod accepted a full-power knife-hand strike to the relaxed adams apple on the movie set of Buckstone County Prison. The blow was thrown by James Bacon, who also co-starred in the motion picture and who wrote for more than 500 syndicated newspapers. In an article that was published in the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Bacon stated that Rod set movie history—it was the first known time that an actor accepted a full-power, highly dangerous, actual blow to the throat in a motion picture. In motion pictures, all blows and kicks are pulled to prevent injury to the actors. The film, Buckstone County Prison, was shot in 1978 at the EO Motion Picture Studios in North Carolina.

Rod and his team have appeared in feature demonstrations on approximately 25 major television shows, and actually set a world record on the highly rated “Fox Sports Science” television production for taking a 1,100 pound-per-square-in kick to the testicles. Many of Rod’s television shows are monitored by medical doctors and teams who measure the impact that the Combat-Ki practitioners are struck with.