Combat-Ki – A Martial Arts Training Discipline


As president and founder of

 Juko-Kai International

Juko-Kai International

, Soke Rod Sacharnoski leads a Texas-headquartered martial arts organization with Asian sponsorship and recognition. Rod Sacharnoski created the pioneering Juko-ryu Combat-Ki, using combat internal energy, in the 1960s.

Practitioners who volunteer for Combat-Ki training gain skills in taking kicks, strikes, and punches to the human body without suffering from injuries. Combat-Ki techniques focus on controlled use of the mind, body, balance and internal energy breathing.

Becoming adept at Combat-Ki is a lengthy process that involves intensive training and represents one of the most dangerous demonstrations of the modern-day martial arts. Combat-Ki has been featured on a number of Japanese martial arts-focused TV shows in which championship K-1 fighters kicked, stuck and punched Combat-Ki masters in the vital areas of their bodies with no effect.

In an interview with the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Curtis Wong, Editor of Inside Kung-Fu magazine, stated that Soke Sacharnoski and his team gave one of the most impressive demonstrations of Ki (internal energy) that he had ever seen. He went on to elaborate that some of the most experienced and well known Masters, at a demo at Inside Kung-Fu Headquartes in Hollywood, repeatedly struck and kick Rod and his members to no avail. This included a full-power kick to the head.