Kijutsu for Martial Arts Training

Kijutsu pic


Rod Sacharnoski is an American martial arts grandmaster. One of the very few holders of the ninth degree grandmaster ranking in Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate, Toide, and Kobudo, Rod Sacharnoski earned his fierce reputation internationally in martial arts by first mastering his Kijutsu (internal energy).

Kijutsu refers to an individual’s control of his internal energy. This internal energy is the unseen force in your body that powers your physical movements and is manifested in your strength and mood.

For martial artists, Kijutsu is the point where the mind and the body are in sync with each other, allowing the fighter to manifest power in some form. It entails two aspects: concentration and extension. Traditional martial arts grandmasters could concentrate their energy to their abdomen, bringing their mind and body in tune, absent the conscious. They could then extend this energy to a certain part of their body to increase the power in their punch or kick.

Whereas scientific opinion has been divided on whether internal energy and its control actually exists, the concept of Kijutsu is still very much alive in modern day martial arts.