The Difference between Tai Ki and Combat Ki

Tai Ki is a special martial art that was developed/founded by Rod Sacharnoski, Soke, in the year of 1961. It focuses on the body’s internal energy. Tai Ki is a registered art with the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C.

Tai Ki combines soft, gentle exercises and forms, much the same as Tai Ch’i. Able to be performed by people of all ages, Tai Ki utilizes slow and controlled joint movement and balance to enhance one’s health. What makes Tai Ki so special is that it contains Rod Sacharnoski’s world renown breathing methods. Individuals who practice do so to develop a stronger heart, lungs, respiratory system, and body.

Combat Ki, on the other hand, teaches practitioners about combat internal energy and how to withstand full-power punches, strikes and kicks to the body without receiving injury. In order to learn Combat Ki, one must volunteer for the training. The Learning Channel named Combat Ki as the world’s 5th BEST martial art in its “Ultimate 10 Martial Arts” series. “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” and “ABC’s Wide World of Sports,” in addition to approximately twenty (20) other major television shows (four of which were in Japan) have featured Combat Ki.

Combat Ki has become one of the world’s most famous martial arts and has been viewed by millions throughout the world.